Saturday, July 7, 2012


This weekend my daughter Melanie is participating in the RIDE TO CONQUER CANCER...... a two day 200km bike ride between Montreal and Québec City.  

She says on her ride profile page under my picture – “We each have a reason to ride. Here's mine”.  Few words with a million emotions packed into them.  At 4 a.m. this morning I received a txt message..... "Mom I need you to put a “Team Nanny” sticker on my jersey please!"  She always was a child to leave things to the last minute!  But she always knew I would be there to help do whatever needed to be done.  Some people would say I spoiled my girls.... that I do too much for them.  NO I do not.  I LOVE my girls, and as my daughter Cindy once told me just after she had become a mom, “You cannot *SPOIL* a child with *LOVE*!!  And she was right.  I have always agreed.  And I know in my heart, for the past 30+ years of being a mother and a grandmother, my children would do the same for me..... anytime, anything, anywhere, in a heartbeat.  Because they love me.
So the “Team Nanny”  sticker was custom made and ironed on to the jersey, and enclosed in the bag was this thank you card from me to my baby girl who will take a small piece of me with her on this journey.  

It says.....


There are never words that can express what survivorship means at any cost.  Just looking into your beautiful eyes, the window to your soul, is reason enough for me to always keep fighting.  Be safe on your “EPIC RIDE”..... one day these annual fundraisers will be the reason for the cure, but as long as cancer exists and takes or hurts those people we love..... KEEP RIDING ..... You carry my heart in yours, every time it beats.  Stay safe this weekend baby girl....
 Love 4 ever, Mommy xoxo

And to all the family members and friends who sponsored her this year, THANK YOU!  Your heartfelt generosity is so gratefully appreciated.  One day we will have a cure and the suffering will stop.  But this year alone  I have both family (little Hailey) and friends (Lorna, Nat, Eden, Rob, Linda....) that were diagnosed and are fighting cancer and I know you have somebody you know too.  You know me.  Cancer doesn't always end when the cancer cells are destroyed.  In the process healthy cells are destroyed too.  And the side effects can last a lifetime.  


  1. such beautiful thoughts ... so beautifully stated!

  2. seems in many ways you have 'passed the torch'....bless you for thoughts and prayers are with Cindy!!!

  3. Thanks Sunny! I was a tad emotional! But it got done... Just in time!

    1. I was more than a tad emotional just reading it, ForestChild!

  4. Liz,
    I wish I could do the ride! I am proud of my girls, and I am one very lucky Mom and am so happy she is riding in honor of me and not in 'memory' of me! I know you understand, since our journeys are interlinked forever! xo