Friday, November 15, 2013

Story about me in CONCRETE WAVE magazine November 2013! SEARCH-SPARK-STOKE

I am very humbled and honored by the story that was published about me in this months issue of Concrete Wave magazine! Thank you to Dave and Michael for all you kindness and support. Thank you to Lonnie for the grip tape that saved my butt!  Thank you to the City of Dorval for always making my life a little easier with your programs, and never ending support.  
I am stoked to be able to participate in the "Longboarding for Peace" movement.  
The best is yet to come...
(note: I cannot skateboard with my prosthetics - this is a balance exercise)

I added the link above as the text on the blog or mobile is too small.

Article shared with permission from CW.  ABLE-BOARDED RIDER PROFILE KATH KILCULLEN


Longboarding for Peace is a movement forward.We embody the spirit of all that is good and pure about Longboarding. We empower people to step on, step up and make great things happen in their communities.
We strive to increase joy and happiness, and decrease pain and suffering. Our goal is to build a global Peace Army of 50,000 people. Each of us will commit at least one act of kindness every single day. This will generate over 20 million acts of kindness per year. 
Through kindness, camaraderie and the true spirit of Longboarding,we’ll make the world a better place.

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Monday, April 1, 2013


I had a wonderful weekend with my family and our beautiful children and then tonight I let some idiots on the "Hockey Canada" FB fan page piss me off with their non educated comments on why the women are wearing LIVESGTRONG colors tomorrow night for the game against the USA. DO NOT MESS with me with I am PISSED. André just arrived with a gallon of ice cream. I will survive. Hope the people who got a piece of my mind on the hockey page do. :P
Take the pledge. The LIVESTRONG Foundation provides free resources and services to help people living with cancer.CLICK HERE AND TAKE THE LIVESTRONG PLEDGE

Yes this is a HORRIBLE picture of me.  (AWESOME JERSEY!)   I Had just spent the whole day in the hospital enduring tests for my next (FOURTH) amputation surgery.  BUT my friends at LIVESTRONG were there for me all the way.

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Thursday, January 31, 2013

The Courage To Be Myself

By Sue Paton Theole

I have the courage to...

embrace my strengths -

Get excited about life - Enjoy giving and 

receiving love - Face and transform

my fears - I will ask for help and support

when I need it -

Spring free of the Superwoman trap -

Trust myself - Make my own decisions

and choices - Befriend myself - Complete

unfinished business  - Realize that I have 

emotional and practical rights -

Talk as nicely to myself 

as I do to my plants - Communicate

lovingly with understanding as my goal-

Honour my own needs -

Give myself credit for my own accomplishments -

Love the little girl within me -

Overcome my addiction to approval - 

Grant myself permission to play - 

Quit being a Responsibility Sponge - 

Feel all of my feelings and act on them 

appropriately - Nurture others because

I want to, not because I have to -

Choose what is right for me - Insist on being

paid fairly for what I do-

Set limits and boundaries and stick by them -

Say "yes" only when I really mean it -

Have realistic expectations - Take risks and

accept change - Grow through challenges - 

Be totally honest with myself - 

Correct erroneous beliefs and assumptions - 

Respect my vulnerabilities -

Heal old and current wounds -

Savour mystery of Spirit - 

Wave good-bye to guilt - Plant "flower",

not "weed" thoughts in my mind - 

Treat myself with respect and teach others

others to do the same - 

Fill my own cup first, then nourish

others from the overflow - 

Own my own excellence - Plan for the future

but live in the present - Value my

intuition and wisdom - Know that I am

loveable - Celebrate the differences between

men and women - Develop healthy, supportive

relationships - Make forgiveness a priority - 

Accept myself just as I am now -
         May you find the courage
           to be yourself & forever
    ~~~*Love* & *Light*~~~
       ~Team Nanny Kath ~

*Love* & *Light* has been my signature for the past 20 years, and may it continue to help lead you when darkness comes.



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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Why do I wear my LIVESTRONG clothes & gear, even now?

I (& my supporters on TEAMNANNY) are choosing to keep wearing our LIVESTRONG clothing and gear because of  what  "LIVESTRONG" means to me, my family & friends who needed HOPE in the place of FEAR.  We thrived on that HOPE & INSPIRATION that LIVESTRONG gave.   We take HOPE & ATTITUDE into those operating rooms, chemotherapy rooms and radiation labs and the darkest corners of our fears when a cancer diagnosis comes and treatments are endured.  We stay STRONG for our friends and families who lose it with FEAR of losing US.  Trust me when I say you have to “experience it to get it”!   It is a DAILY reminder to ME (and 28 million people like me) that I have SURVIVED, but at a very high cost.   I NEED to STAY STRONG & keep fighting every day of my life as I am dealing with the collateral damage of cancer treatments.   The odds of me surviving my cancer prognosis were less than 5%.  I had a late stage mixed cancer. The fight was hard.  Treatment plan was surgery (ahem, emergency overnight surgery), chemotherapy and weeks of radiation and brachytherapy.  While my cancer is in remission (We HOPE) the collateral damage is almost unbearable.   When my radiation treatments ended years of remission from Lupus also ended.  Now I have that battle to contend with again.  Catch 22.  Lupus drugs can cause cancer, cancer treatments exasperate Lupus.  Radiation & chemo side effects are making my life a daily challenge.  Basically living in this body is hell on a bad day and difficult on a good day.   
While I am very grateful to Lance Armstrong for starting the LIVESTRONG foundation to HELP cancer survivors and provide HOPE with other survivor stories, and for all his efforts in raising money for survivors, and the HOPE he provided through LIVESTRONG’s team that is available to you anytime, anyday, for FREE, combined  with the inspiration of his own strength in fighting his own cancer battle, his “before I had cancer I just lived, now I LIVESTRONG” quote, a quote I wear proudly on my prosthetic, because he inspired me.  That inspiration will stay with me forever.  Shit happens.  He should not have lied.  I am not going to discuss with anyone my feelings on his use of performance enhancing drugs. I don’t even know the facts!  His lying disappointed me, and I am saddened, but I sensed that he had lied when he stepped down from the foundation and his name was removed last fall.  That is his burden to bear.  I am sure the media will have a field day with taking him down.   I wish him love of family and friends & strength on this very difficult part of his life's journey.
MY burden is my body that continues to attack me.  The very kind & caring people working at the LIVESTRONG  foundation & the 28 million survivors are the army that will continue to offer help and support to all cancer survivors and anybody affected by cancer who needs it.   Team Nanny is not wearing Armstrong- we are wearing LIVESTRONG.   The benefits of being supported by the LIVESTRONG organization far outweighs any negativity the media can throw our way.  WE SURVIVED CANCER, WE CAN SURVIVE the MEDIA.! SHIT HAPPENS!

A few years ago my grandson Isaac took our yellow bracelets and joined our arms together and he declared us to be a team.  Every time he sees me he checks to see if I still have mine on.  I do.  I always will.   He alone at the age of six raised over $1,100.00 for cancer research walking around Parc Jean Drapeau in his  underwear raising awareness for cancers "below" the belt. I don’t think he has ever understood cancer, and that it could have taken his Nanny from him.  I think he just knew then he was helping people with his Nanny, and now he knows that “LIVESTRONG” clothing is very special to me, so it by default becomes important to him because he loves me.  After all, he is the “captain” of the team!   Isaac means the world to me, all the grandchildren do. My grandchildren (both born into the family from our daughters and the ones we adopted out of love) have watched me fight through some of the toughest days of my life.   They complete the team with my husband, our children and "extended" family and friends.  They are my never ending love and support and they are pure joy, the best medicine I have.   Now I have so many reasons to live STRONG.     
I have lost some internal body parts and both my legs, so I *may* never ride a bike or run a marathon to be a "LIVESTRONG team leader", which was on my "bucket list", but I will strive to be a source of strength and inspiration to all those who need a light in the darkness.  I will lead by example, inspire those who are afraid or feel hopeless.  I will give HOPE when all seems hopeless.  I will challenge every person without hope to find their inspiration.  I challenge them to not give up.  I am Nanny.  I am very proud of my team!   We are Team Nanny.  I am strong, WE are strong.  Team Nanny + LIVESTRONG  = my survival kit.  No matter what happens...... I will always remember to LIVESTRONG, because I owe it to myself and to my team.  Because we are worth it.  Are you living STRONG?
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*Love* & *Light*
"Never live a life less than you are capable of"

*Love* & *Light* has been my signature for the past 20 years, and may it continue to help lead you when darkness comes.



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