Monday, May 14, 2012


Lessons of Pain

 I have learned a great deal from you
. Why do you linger?
 I have learned so much To slow down, love, meditate, accept people without judging,, cherish and embrace each moment, appreciate what I have while I have it, take one day at a time, take nothing for granted.
 That I want to help others, love others.  
That I am lovable.  
That expectations lead to disappointment, others do care and those who seem 
not to care really do, 
All addictions are destructive. 
That I am a musician. Music heals. 
So does touch and love. That I am a healer.  I am good, not bad, not evil. 
Everyone is essentially good. 
That I can love and be loved.  
Dreams can come true.
 That instincts are always truthful emotions lie and the rational mind does not always know. 
That I am at home with my spiritualism.  And was in a faraway land until you showed me home. 
I had strayed from my true self
. Oh pain, why do I still hurt? 
Yes, I have decided to make friends with you since you were so stubborn and refused to LEAVE.. 
Now, I have learned from your teachings... 
Does this mean  you will continue to linger? 
Isn't it time that I learn to practice your lessons without you always hovering over me reminding me of them? 
Don't you think it is time to let go? 
Are you willing to make me try? 
To let me walk on my own again? 
To walk on my own with a gait that is much stronger and confident because of YOU! 
Even with parts that are not made of human "matter". I MATTER!
Oh Pain, 
You must understand It is time to let me try. 
©Forestgreen's Wolfden - all rights reserved. 

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