Saturday, August 28, 2021

2021 Terry Fox Run Story

I am Katherine Kilcullen, known online as @TEAMNANNY, a double amputee skateboarder!  

In 2006 I was diagnosed with stage 4 UPSC: a rare & highly malignant form of adenocarcinoma. 

Before cancer I always supported the Terry Fox Foundation’s school runs and annual national run.  

As a survivor becoming a Terry’s team member & losing both of my legs above the knee, Terry’s Marathon of Hope inspired me to become an athlete & pay back to the cancer community through sport .  So this grandmother of 12 became a double amputee skateboarder, and #TEAMNANNY was created.   I achieved my first 42k in 2013, ramps in 2015, & I skate cancer runs to help others.   One can say I was surgically altered for optimum performance.   

My story of hope & never losing faith because of cancer is proof you can be unstoppable even when it hurts.  Terry inspires me daily through his example of fortitude that he displayed during his runs. He continues to have an impact on how I strive to do the impossible, to keep skating, walking, climbing, riding, always with the dream of paying it forward in his honour.  Terry’s courage & heroism is what motivates me to push hard to keep his legacy alive. His try was legendary.  I want my try to honour Terry.   

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