Wednesday, March 18, 2015

A big LIVESTRONG yellow hug from the heart.....

Writing this post is very emotional for me because I have never felt so honoured, or deserving of such a beautiful LIVESTRONG surprise in all these years of struggling to live with what cancer took away from me.  Now I am crying with happy tears for what it gave.  It gave me the gift of hope and love and support like no other.  I so so love being a volunteer LIVESTRONG Leader. 

My doorbell rang this morning. That rarely happens and when it does it is usually one of the kids who forgot their house keys. To my delight it was our mailman with a box addressed to me.  In my excitement I had not thought of checking the return address first,  I just ripped off the tape, and pulled out the most beautiful gift made by a very special LIVESTRONG leader, Peggy Watterson. In the box was a LIVESTRONG Hug Quilt.  Anybody who knows  me knows my love of quilts, but I am sure Peggy did not.  I am in awe of such talent and appreciate all the work involved.  I have NO talent when it comes to sewing.  

 Peggy wrote on her Facebook wall, “I've just completed a LIVESTRONG Hug Quilt...I had planned to pass it on to our local infusion center BUT as I worked on it, I couldn't stop thinking of all the amazing work of all my fellow LIVESTRONG Leaders AROUND THE WORLD! Thank you to all of you for your inspiration! Tomorrow, it will travel by mail to surprise one LIVESTRONG LEADER. And...tomorrow I WILL start one for our infusion center! — feeling thankful.” 

I wrapped myself in it, feeling so loved, and began to just cry, happy tears.  It has been so darn hard to push through these days that I have so often wondered if it were worth the stuggle, or should I just give up?  Well that day I wrote a post to myself that I would never give up. While I was writing it little did I know that this quilt was already in the mail headed to Canada.  

And with the yellow love that I wrapped myself in, totally grateful for every single stitch, I remembered I made it though this journey this far with the support of LIVESTRONG, and this beautiful gift gave me so much strength.  It’s one of a kind! This is truly a special gift, just like the very special lady who made it.  It was so thoughtful of Peggy to send this all the way up here so that I could FEEL the love.   I am lucky to be a LIVESTRONG Leader and especially blessed to have such a wonderful gift that I will keep beside me every single day for the rest of my life.  

Peggy, you are such an inspiration to so many people worldwide.  I will treasure your gift of this beautiful LIVESTRONG Hug Quilt FOREVER.  
And forever I will LIVESTRONG.....


*Love* & *Light*

SO grateful to be a volunteer LIVESTRONG Global Leader! 

*Love* & *Light* has been my signature for the past 20 years, and may it continue to help lead you when darkness comes.



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