Friday, March 14, 2014


The TEAMNANNY - LIVESTRONG Connection! Why? 

More and more as the triumphs stack up I realize that people are interested and inspired but what I can do when I keep on trying and by my never giving up.  Not that giving up was ever an option.  My knee surgeries began in 1972 and after *years* of orthopedic surgeries, lupus and cancer hell,  I saw that it was possible to "GO THE DISTANCE" from others survivors at LIVESTRONG


I am not TEAMNANNY.  I am KATHERINE KILCULLEN and "NANNY" to our adorable grandchildren. The TEAM are the family & friends that never give up on me no matter what.   When little six year old Isaac put our yellow LIVESTRONG bracelets together and said, "Let's be a team Nanny?" he had no idea what strength he instilled upon me at that moment.  I took that strength and carried it through to what is now a brand of strength and inspiration for thousands of followers all over the planet.  Did that little boy think he could make such a difference?  No, but as he grows, he will surely find out that his *idea* has helped so many people, and that is what true leadership is all about, leading by example.  I am proud to have Isaac as my captain!  I am forever grateful to him for creating "TEAMNANNY" and for the joy it has brought us both!  And we shall take "TEAMNANNY" and make it into something so much bigger than the two of us.  We will take it and make it our mission to help others through the same kind of support we have received.  

I was so inspired by people who supported me at the LIVESTRONG Foundation that I decided to throw all of my support back to them as long as I survive.  I have decided to help the LIVESTRONG Foundation at by being the very best example of what they do.  I can lead teams to victory, I can wear my support and I can inform others that the work that they do helps survivors NOW.  In the moment.  Just call or write.  It is that simple.  They can help.

As I said, I am a late stage cancer survivor living with Lupus. My cancer left me with lifelong physical and mental challenges.  I truly believe it was with the survivor tools, (guides) and support from Livestrong that I defied all the odds and made it this far.  What does Livestrong mean to me? I live it, I wear it, and I promote it.  What I cannot donate in $$ I will donate in my time and energy that I have.  Obviously being sick and constantly having amputation surgeries has limited how much I can accomplish to help The LIVESTRONG Founation up to now, but I do know that I am making a difference, and you can too.  Now that I am a LIVESTRONG Global Leader I am more determined than ever.  I am putting my effort were I believe I can be the most help and I am doing the very best I can on any given day.  The "team" has also helped me by giving their best as well.  Here is my new contact cards!  I have decided to prepared the next time somebody shows interest in my skateboarding, or other survivor achievements!

To all my supporters....THANK YOU..... as this journey is about you too.  Your support makes me stronger! Together we can help even more people get through some of the toughest days of their lives by keeping hope alive.   

It is both a privilege and an honor to wear my LIVESTRONG GEAR as I face some of the toughest challenges of my life! 
When you donate to, or buy and wear LIVESTRONG you are helping the organization help other people just like and including ME!  
THANK YOU TEAMNANNY FOR BEING MY STRENGTH AND INSPIRATION! Thank you to my oncologists, lupus doctors, orthopedic surgeons, especially Dr. Sophie Mottard, my medical team too many to mention all, for for believing in me.  You keep putting me back together and I will keep raising the bar.  

To donate to our fundraising efforts or to join our team here is where you go: 

Let the YELLOW shine!  


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